Marshall Community Pool

About Our Pool

For over 50 years, the citizens and visitors of the Town of Urbanna and Middlesex County had access to a public community pool in Urbanna’s Taber Park. That pool structurally failed due to age in 2019, and could no longer be repaired.

Reconstruction of a new 75' X 42’ pool with 6 marked lanes for competitive swim meets is currently underway. Included at the shallow end of the pool will be a large sun/swim shelf for our youngest swimmers and families. A pool lowering device will make the pool ADA accessible. An ADA accessible bathhouse and snack bar is also included in this phase. The grand opening of the pool is scheduled for Memorial Day weekend, 2024.

The pool and its facilities can be used in conjunction with the new neighboring Bristow Community Pavilion. Sport courts, including Pickleball are planned for the next phase of Taber Park improvements.

The Urbanna Community Pool will open its season on May 25, 2024.

Annual In-Town Memberships are available:

In -Town (if you pay real estate or personal property tax to the Town of Urbanna). Family pass for $200 and individuals for $100, Day Pass Individual $5, Day Pass Family $12. Out-of-Town Memberships are $400 for families and $200 for individuals. Day Pass Individual $8, Day Pass Family $25. A membership application can be downloaded HERE. Or stop by Town Hall.

2024 Operations Dates

May 25 - 27, 12pm to 6pm

June 1 - September 2, 12pm to 6pm

Closed Mondays

Pool Project Cost

The Marshall Community Pool project will cost $1.2 million. With the help of several gracious donors, we have successfully raised all but 120,000.

The Marshall Family

When the Marshall family purchased Richardson Drug Store on Cross Street and moved to Urbanna in 1929, they came to stay. Their home was above the drug store and “Doc” Marshall was always available. Over the generations, Marshall’s Drug Store was successful financially. With that success, the family continued to invest back into the Town. That investment brought longstanding positive and generational quality of life to the community. Whether the Town needed a doctor, a prescription filled at 3 a.m., a plumber, an ace pitcher for the semi-pro Urbanna baseball team in the 1940’s, or funding to help Urbanna Oyster Festival through bad weather years, the Marshalls made these things, and more, happen. The Urbanna Town Council voted to name the community pool to honor those family members who have passed and to thank those that remain today continuing the family legacy.

Benefits Of Your Donation

As a 501c3 non-profit organization, we are only able to complete this community pool project through your generosity as a donor. The Marshall Community Pool is a project in conjunction with Urbanna Beautification, Inc. This will bring a unique recreational environment for the entire community providing:

  • Water safety programs and swimming lessons
  • Enable youth competitive swimming again in Middlesex County
  • Positive fun family activity and exercise

To Make a Donation


Print and Fill out the form and Mail to the UBI

Giving Levels:

  • SPATS $1 - $99
  • OYSTERS $100 - $399
  • JIMMIES $400 - $599
  • SOOKS $600 - $999
  • OSPREY $1000 - $2999
  • EAGLE $3000 - $4999
  • PATRON $5000 +

Marshall Community Pool Fees

In Town Rates:

Family Annual Memberships $200

Individual Annual Membership $100

Child Swim Team $0

Day Pass/Guest Pass Individual $5

Day Pass Family $12

Out of Town:

Family Annual Membership $400

Individual Annual Membership $200

Annual Swim Team Member

  • not associated with a family membership $50
  • (same family) Each additional child $25

Day Pass Individual $8

Day Pass Family $25

Marshall Community Pool Application