Schools near Urbanna

Middlesex County Public Schools

About 1,300 students attend Middlesex Elementary, St. Clare Walker Middle School and Middlesex High School. The student-teacher ratio is 10.9:1 at the elementary level and 11.1:1 at the high school level. Special education programs are available for children with qualifying conditions and disabilities. Athletic and gifted programs help all students discover and develop their particular talents and aptitudes. Over 80% of high school grads continue their education. Click here for more information.

Private Schools

Private Schools Chesapeake Academy (Irvington), Ware Academy (Gloucester) and Aylett Country Day School (near Tappahannock) offer boys and girls instruction from preschool through eighth grade.

St. Margaret’s is an 8th-12th grade girls’ boarding school in Tappahannock. It also accepts female day students from the area. Christchurch School, which is just outside Urbanna, is an Episcopal boarding and day school for boys and girls in grades 9-12.

Colleges & Universities

Rappahannock Community College is located about 15 minutes from Urbanna. Other colleges and universities within an hour or so of town include Christopher Newport University, The College of William & Mary, University of Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth University, Union Theological Seminary and Virginia Union.