Urbanna Town Taxes

In Virginia, town residents are entitled to both Town of Urbanna and Middlesex County services, elect both town and county officials and pay both town and county taxes.

Town: $.23/$100 of assessed value

Personal Property Tax

Personal property tax applies to items like motor vehicles, travel trailers, boats and airplanes that are garaged or docked in Urbanna.

Town: $.65/$100 of assessed value

Meals Tax

The Town of Urbanna assesses a 5% tax on meals served within the town limits

Lodging Tax

The Town assesses a 5% lodging tax on your stay at one of the inns or bed and breakfasts in town.

Town Administrator

Holly Gailey


45 Cross Street
Urbanna, Virginia 23175

Office: (804) 758-2613

Fax: (804) 758-0389


Monday ~ Friday

8am ~ 4:30pm