Urbanna Town Taxes

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In Virginia, town residents are entitled to both Town of Urbanna and Middlesex County services, elect both town and county officials and pay both town and county taxes. The Town of Urbanna real estate and personally property are billed separately from Middlesex County. Taxes are due December 5th.

Mail tax payments to: Town of Urbanna, PO Box 179, Urbanna, Virginia 23175

Town: $.21/$100 of assessed value

Personal Property Tax

Personal property tax applies to items like motor vehicles and travel trailers that are garaged or docked in Urbanna.

Town: $.37/$100 of assessed value

The following vehicle registration fees are paid to the Town of Urbanna and included on your personal property bill.

The fee for trailer (utility, boat, cattle, horse, and travel trailers that you pull) is $10. For cars, trucks, and motor homes it is $20. For motorcycles it is $7.50.

Meals Tax

The Town of Urbanna assesses a 5% tax on meals served within the town limits

Lodging Tax

The Town assesses a 5% lodging tax on your stay at one of the inns or bed and breakfasts in town.

Short Term Rental Units

Section 17-5.18(2) of the Town Code of the Town of Urbanna requires the owner/operators of any short term rental unit to file an application for a Short Term Rental Permit with the Zoning Administrator.

Copies of Section 17-5.18, the application form along with rules and regulations governing short term rentals may be obtained at the Town hall during normal business hours. Also available are required business license applications and lodging tax forms.

The required forms for existing short term rental units must be submitted on or Before April 31, 2021. No new short term rental unit are permitted to operate until the application process has been completed and a permit granted by the Zoning Administrator.


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