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How Do I...
Contact town officials and staff?
Drop by the Town Office at 45 Cross Street any time Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. If we can’t see you right away, we’ll make an appointment at your convenience. Or, you can call or email us.
Dispose of my trash?
The town provides curbside residential trash pickup and recycling. Click here to learn more about Refuse Disposal.
Build or remodel a home or business or develop property?
If you plan to build, remodel or demolish a home or business, you may need a building permit.
Check with the Zoning Administrator to make sure your planned business or development is allowed in your zoning district as of right. You may need to apply for a permit or a variance to move forward. The Zoning Administrator will explain what you have to do and assist you in the process.
Get water or sewer connections to my property?
Water and sewer service is available to all properties in town. There is limited water service outside of town.
Call the Town Office for water connections, 804-758-2613.
Call Hampton Roads Sanitation District for sewer hook-ups, 804-758-2613.
Open a business?
Check with the Zoning Administrator to make sure your planned business is allowed in your zoning district as of right or if you need to apply for a permit or a variance.
Get a business license?
Check the Town Code for rules about sign size, placement and illumination before you order signs.
Contact the Urbanna Business Association, 804-758-2000, to post your business description on It’s free for all businesses with a Town of Urbanna business license.
Report a problem with my sewer service or bill?
Call Hampton Road Sanitation District’s local office, 804-776-0249.
Report a problem with my water service or bill?
Call The Town Office, 804-758-2613
Report an incident or register a complaint about a dog or other animal?
Report non-violent issues like barking, overturned trash cans, digging and peeing/pooping to the town office. Call Animal Control, 804-758-2779 when an animal bites, threatens, injures or kills a person or a pet. Call Animal Control immediately if you suspect an animal is rabid.
Make sure my dog doesn’t get in trouble?
Keep your dog’s rabies vaccination and county dog tag current. Make sure your dog is always under control. When you take your dog off your property, keep him on a leash. When your dog is outside without your supervision, use a physical or electronic fence or some other form of restraint to keep him on your property.
Find a missing pet?
Make it easy for someone to ID your cat or dog. At a minimum, make sure your dog has the required County dog tag. Put your contact information on your pet’s collar, get a tattoo or embed a microchip.
Call Animal Control as soon as you suspect your pet is missing, 804-758-2779. Untagged cats and dogs are taken to the Middlesex County Animal Shelter where they are held, put up for adoption and ultimately euthanized.
Register to vote?
Complete a Voter Registration application and return it to the Middlesex County General Registrar’s office at the Saluda Courthouse Complex at least 29 days before the election in which you plan to vote. If you mail your application, it must be postmarked at least 29 days before the election.
You can get your Voter Registration application at the General Registrar’s office, public libraries, a Department of Motor Vehicles offices, social service agencies and other state and local government offices. You can also get one online.
Your Voter card will arrive by mail about two weeks after you submit your application. If your application cannot be accepted, the General Register will let you know why by mail.
Get or renew my driver’s license and register or title my vehicle?
To register or title your vehicle and get your driver’s license, go to a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Customer Service Center. The closest ones are in Kilmarnock and Tappahannock. Be sure to check with DMV to see what documentation you need to bring with you.
Kilmarnock Customer Service Center
110 DMV Drive
Kilmarnock, VA
Tappahannock Customer Service Center
750 Richmond Beach Road
Tappahannock, VA
To renew your vehicle registration or driver's license, request a copy of your driving record, purchase license plates and other business, go to a DMV Customer Service Center or go online.
You will also need an annual Town of Urbanna decal.
Contact Middlesex County officials?
Physical Address:
877 General Puller Highway
Saluda, VA 23149
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 428
Saluda, VA 23149
Voice: (804) 758-4330
Fax: (804) 758-0061
Office Hours: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM - Monday through Friday
View or obtain copies of Town documents?
Meeting minutes and agendas
Town Code and Ordinances
Go to the Town Office to see or copy other town documents such as the annual budget, financial reports and permit and variance applications.


Holly Gailey
Town Administrator

45 Cross Street
Urbanna, VA 23175

Ph: (804) 758-2613
Fx: (804) 758-0389

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm


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